Clothing Store Expressions

When we are traveling in a foreign Spanish speaking country it comes handy to know some Clothing Store Expressions in Spanish.

Clothing Store Expressions in Spanish

When you are at the Clothing Store some of the Expressions that the clerk might use are the following: Hola, ¿Puedo ayudarle? which means: Hello, may I help you? or maybe ¿Buscaba algo en especial? which means: Were you looking for something in particular?

Now, if you are the customer you might want to ask for something. For example let’s say that you want a skirt in a differente color, you’d say: ¿Tiene esta falda en otro color? or perhaps you want to ask for the right size then you’d say: ¿Tiene esta falda en tamaño (chico/ mediano/ grande/ extra grande)? meaning: “Do you have this skirt in small/medium/large/ extra large size?”.

Take a look at the chart we’ve made for you and click on the video to hear the pronunciation.

Hello, may I help you?Hola, ¿Puedo ayudarle?
Yes, please. Sí, por favor.
Do you have this skirt in another color?¿Tiene esta falda en otro color?
I’m sorry, we only have it in that color.Lo siento, sólo la tenemos en ese color.
But I can show you other styles.Pero le puedo mostrar otros estilos.
That sounds great.Suena bien.
But, no thanks, I really liked this style.Pero no gracias, realmente me gustaba este estilo.
Would you like to try it on?¿Le gustaría probárselo?
You can only enter with five items.Sólo puede entrar con cinco artículos.
Would that be all?¿Eso sería todo?

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