Nail Salon Expressions

In this post we will show you a few Nail Salon Expressions in Spanish. If you work as a manicurist it is important to be able to communicate with your clients effectively so knowing a few phrases in Spanish might be a good option for you.

Nail Salon Expressions

Nail Salon Expressions in Spanish

On the left column you can see the expression or phrase in English and on the right column is the Spanish translation.

Hello, I’d like to make an appointment for a manicure, please. Hola, quisiera poner una cita para una manicura, por favor.
What color would you like to have?¿Qué color le gustaría?
Is this shade okay?¿Le gusta ese tono?
What shape would you prefer? Natural, rounded or square tip?¿Qué forma prefiere? ¿Natural, redonda, o cuadrada?
Would you like a pattern or crystals?¿Le gustaría algún diseño o cristales?
Pleas point to the pattern you want.Apunte al diseño que le gustaría, por favor.
How did you like it?¿Le gustó?
Next time you visit us, book an appointment with me.La próxima vez que venga ponga una cita conmigo.

Video Nail Salon Expressions

Watch this video to listen to the phrases you’ve just learned. Also make sure to repeat them in order to practice your pronunciation. Repetition is key whenit comes to processing, memorizing and mastering a language so don’t hesitate to watch this video over and over.

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