The Verb Jugar

Conjugating verbs in Spanish can be a little challenging but in Como Digo we got you covered. Here we will show you how to conjugate The Verb Jugar in the simple present or Presente del Indicativo.

The Verb Jugar in the present in Spanish

This verb means to play but unlike English it only refers to games or sports. That means that we cannot use with musical instruments. For that later purpose we would use the verb “tocar” instead.

Conjugation Chart of The Verb Jugar in Spanish

Here’s a chart on how to conjugate it in the Simple Present and its meaning in English:

Yo juegoI play
Tú juegasYou play (informal)
Él juegaHe plays
Ella juegaShe plays
Usted juegaYou play (formal)
Nosotros jugamosWe play
Ustedes jueganYou play (plural)
Ellos /Ellas jueganThey play (male and female)

Video – The Verb Jugar conjugated

Check out this video to practice the pronunciation, we highly recommend you say the words you have learned aloud so that you can imitate the sounds better. Remember that the more you watch the video the easier it will be to memorize its content.

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Look at the following examples:

  • Yo juego Calabozos y Dragones. (I play Dungeons and Dragons.)
  • juegas con tus amigos en la sala de estar. (You play with your friends in the living room.)
  • Él juega al póquer pésimo. (He plays poker terribly.)
  • Ella juega básquetbol para el equipo de la universidad. (She plays basketball for the university team.)
  • Usted juega ajedrez. (You play chess.)
  • Nosotros jugamos hasta tarde. (We played until late.)
  • Ustedes juegan con el gato del vecino. (You play with the neighbor’s cat.)
  • Ellos juegan en el parque. (They play at the park.)

Download a PDF with the conjugation of the Verb jugar here

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