The Verb Oir

When it comes to verbs in Spanish we know we do not have it quite easy, but we got you covered. Here we will show you how to conjugate The Verb Oir in the simple present.

the verb oir in spanish

This verb means to hear and it is a very common verb in Spanish. We also use this verb when we want to catch someone’s attention in a casual environment, we would say: “Oye” which translates to: ” Hey!

Example sentences with this verb:

  • Él oye las campanas de la iglesia. [ He hears the church bells.]
  • Nosotros oímos lo que estás diciendo. [ We hear what you are saying.]
  • Yo oigo un pájaro fuera de la casa. [I hear a bird outside the house.]
  • Ustedes oyen lo que quieren oír. [ You hear what you want to hear.] (plural “you”)

Verb Oir Conjugation in Simple Present – Presente Indicativo

Here you have a chart on how to conjugate this verb in the Simple Present. The first column shows you the conjugation in Spanish and the second is the translation into English.

Yo oigoI hear
oyesYou hear (casual)
Él oyeHe hears
Ella oyeShe hears
Usted oyeYou hear (formal)
Nosotros oímosWe hear
Ustedes oyenYou hear (plural)
Ellos /Ellas oyenThey hear
We have included the personal pronoun so that you can memorize the conjugation with the corresponding subject.

Video – The Verb Oir conjugated

Check out this video to practice the pronunciation, we highly recommend you repeat the words that you have learned aloud so that you can imitate the sounds better.

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