Terms of Endearment in Spanish

Today’s post is all about love. We’ll talk about ways of addressing your significant other in Spanish. Here we have a few Terms of Endearment in Spanish. We might sound a little cheesy but hey! Who doesn’t like a little sugar, right?

Below you will find a video to practice the pronunciaton as well as a conversation you might want to check to see the vocabulary in context.

Take a look at this chart and practice the vocabulary.

Terms of Endearment Chart

Querido (referring to a male)dear
Querida (referring to a female)dear
Cariño (male or female)honey
Corazón (male or female)sweetheart
Amor (male or female)love
Bebé (male or female)baby

You can also use these terms to address your child.

Videos Terms of Endearment in Spanish

Watch this video and make sure to repeat all of the vocabulary aloud so that you can listen to yourself and correct your pronunciation.

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Conversation Using this Vocabulary

Martha: Cariño, ¿quieres comer ya?

Pedro: Sí, corazón. ¿Ordenamos una pizza?

Martha: Me encantaría. ¿Pedimos spaghettti también, amor?

Pedro: Suena bien, querida.

Conversation in English

Martha: Honey, do you want to eat already?

Pedro: Yes, sweetheart. Shall we order pizza?

Martha: I’d love that. Should we order spaghetti too, love?

Pedro: Sounds good, dear.

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