Telling Your Age

When we introduce ourselves Telling Your Age is somehow essential and it is also important to know how to ask about it. In this post we’ll show you some basic expresions that you may find quite useful for this purpose.

Telling Your Age in Spanish

If you are talking to someone and you want to know how old they are you can ask: ¿Cuántos años tienes? If you are in a formal situation and want to sound very polite then you ask: ¿Qué edad tiene usted? But keep in mind that you’d only use this with people who are older than you or that you consider have some sort of authority.

Now, if you want to ask for a third person’s age then you’d say: ¿Cuántos años tiene él / ella? (choose él if it’s a man or ella if it’s a woman.)

How to Tell your Age Chart

Take a look at the phrases you can use when asking and telling your age in English.

How old are you?¿Cuántos años tienes?
I’m ____ years old.Tengo ____ años.
How old is he/she?¿Cuántos años tiene él / ella?
She /he is __ years old.Ella / él tiene ___ años.

Video about Telling your Age in English

Watch this video and practice the pronunciation of the phrases we’ve just showed you. Telling your age will be easy after watching this video. Remember to repeat the phrases aloud in order to listen to yourself and correct any mistakes.

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