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Whether you are a student learning Spanish or maybe a teacher, these In the Classroom Expressions in Spanish will come pretty handy in the school environment. So read our post, watch the video and start impressing your classmates right away!

expressions used in the classroom in Spanish

Expressions for the Teacher

Some of the expressions that the teacher might say are: “Comencemos la clase”, which means, Let’s start the class! Another expression your teacher could ask is: “¿Hicieron la tarea?” and that means: Did you do the homework? A pretty common instruction given by teachers is: “Abran sus libros en la página…” that is to say: Open your books on page… and then you’ll just hear a number. Now let’s go with the expression everyone is waiting for, and that is: “Hora de receso” meaning: Time for a break.

Expressions for the Student

If you are a Spanish student we think these are the most common expressions you’d need to cover the basics. When you arrive after the teacher does it is common to ask: “¿Puedo entrar?” and that means: May I come in? Now, when the teacher is taking the attendance you can say: “Presente” which is: I’m here. In case nature calls you can ask: “¿Puedo ir al baño?” and that means: Can I go to the bathroom?

Then, if the teachers asks if you did homework and you completely forgot about it you can answer: “Lo olvidé” that means: I forgot. But hey we recommend you always do your best. Now, we do know that sometimes things can get pretty confusing so when that happens you can always say to your teacher: “No entiendo” and that means: I don’t und2 which iserstand. When you’re done with a task make sure your teacher knows it by saying: “He terminado” which means: I’ve finished.

Comencemos la claseLet’s start the class!
¿Puedo entrar?May I come in?
PresenteI’m here.
¿Puedo ir al baño?Can I go to the bathroom?
¿Hicieron la tarea?Did you do the homework?
Lo olvidéI forgot.
Abran sus libros en la página…Open your books on page…
No entiendoI don’t understand.
Hora de recesoTime for a break.
He terminadoI’ve finished.
Nos vemos mañanaSee you tomorrow!

Video About In the Classroom Spanish

Also check out this video in order to practice the pronunciation of the expresions you’ve learned. Watch it as many times as necessary to pick up the right intonation and make sure to say the expressions out loud.

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