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In this post we will show you a few Expressions in Spanish for Playing Board Games. So next time you are playing with your friends you can nail it. Below you can also find a video to practice your pronunciation.

Sometimes in Spanish class our teacher will bring a fun board game to help us bond and use our speaking skills, that is why we have prepared this post so that you are not going solo into this quest.

Expressions in Spanish for Playing Board Games

Playing Board Games Expresions Chart

Here we have two columns. The first column is the expression in Spanish and the second one is that translation in English.

Tira los dados.Roll the dice.
Es tu turno. It’s your turn.
Pierdes un turno. You skip a turn.
Eso es trampa.That’s cheating.
GanéI won
Yo voy primero.I go first
Voltea la carta.Flip the card.
No veas mis cartas.You can’t see my cards.
Avanza dos espacios.Go ahead two spaces.
Toma una carta.Take a card.
Esa es mi ficha.That’s my chip.
Yo pasoI pass.
Vamos a leer las reglasLet’s read the rules.
Tienes que esperar hasta la siguiente ronda.You have to wait until the next round.
Ya no quiero jugar.I don’t want to play anymore.
Eso es injusto.That’s unfair.

Expressions in Spanish for Playing Board Games Video

Watch this video and practice the Expressions you have learned by repeating them out loud. We recommend you watch it as many times as necessary in order to have enough listening practice and improve this skill.

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