Parts Of The House

¿Habitación? ¿Cocina? Here we’ll show you the names of the Parts Of The House In Spanish. It is crucial to learn more and more vocabulary in Spanish and undoubtly these are a must when it comes to talk about where we do certain activities or find certain objects.

parts of the house in spanish

Here are a couple of tips to get you started with these words:

You might want to practice the vocabulary by memorizing an activity you can do in that specific part of the house. For example “Yo como en la cocina” which means: I eat in the kitchen. That will sure help when it comes to remembering the word instead of just an isolated word you’ll have a mental image of the example you’ve made.

Another tip is writing the vocabulary in little paper notes and sticking them in the place they belong in your house. By doing that, you increase the input you receive without even noticing.

Parts of the House Chart

Check out the following chart. In the first column you can see the meaning of the part of the house and on the second column you’ll see how to say it in Spanish.

KitchenLa Cocina
Restroom / BathroomEl Baño
Living RoomLa Sala de estar
Bedroom / Toilet
La Habitación
GarageLa Cochera
Laundry RoomEl Cuarto de lavar
GardenEl Jardín
OfficeLa Oficina
TV RoomEl Cuarto de televisión
Game RoomEl Cuarto de juegos
BasementEl Sótano
AtticEl Ático
We have included the article so that you memorize the part of the house with its approppriate definite article. Remember that nouns in Spanish are feminine or masculine.

Video about Parts of the House in Spanish

Repeat the words aloud and practice the correct pronunciation.

Watch the video about Parts of the House in our YouTube Channel. You can’t miss it.

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