Trabalenguas in Spanish

Today’s post is about Tongue Twisters or Trabalenguas in Spanish. Without a doubt Tongue Twisters are a powerful tool to help us improve our pronunciation because they force us to imitate sounds and give us the opportunity to practice words that sometimes don’t make a lot of sense together but represent minimal pairs, which means words that have a slightly different sound that differentiates them. Plus you get to have some fun with the mistakes you might make.

Video about Trabalenguas in Spanish

Check out the pronunciation of the Trabalenguas with this video we’ve made for you in our YouTube Channel. Remember to pause and repeat as many times as necessary. Have fun!

The Three Sad Tigers

“Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal”. It literally means: Three sad tigers were eating wheat in a wheat field. Doesn’t make much sense, we know that. But this Tongue Twister will be great practice for the “tr” sound in Spanish.

Lil Paul Nailed a Nail

“Pablito clavó un clavito en la calva de un calvito. En la calva de un calvito, Pablito clavó un clavito”. Ouch! This one is a painful one. It means: Lil Paul nailed a nail on a bald man’s bald patch. On a bald man’s bald patch Lil Paul nailed a nail. We hope it’s not based on a true story, though.

When You Tell Stories

“Cuando cuentes cuentos, cuenta cuántos cuentos cuentas. Porque si no cuentas cuántos cuentos cuentas, nunca sabrás cuántos cuentos cuentas.” This Tongue Twister helps us with the “cue” “cua” sound in Spanish. Also, this one makes sense. It means: When you tell stories, count how many stories you tell. Because if you don’t count how many stories you tell, you’ll never know how many stories you tell. That one wasn’t so scary.

The One Who Eats Few Coconuts

“El que poco coco come, poco coco compra. Como poco coco como, poco coco compro.” Talking about Tongue Twisters that finally make sense, here’s another example: The one who eats few coconuts buys few coconuts. Since I eat few coconuts, I buy few coconuts. Although it makes sense, this one sounds particularly funny in Spanish.

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Download the Trabalenguas List here

Download a PDF with these Tongue Twisters by clicking right here.

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