Personal Pronouns in Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language one of the basic things we need to learn is how to refer to people and that’s where Personal Pronouns in Spanish come handy. A pronoun is a word we use to refer to a noun. In the particular case of Personal or Subject Pronouns these refer to the subject of a sentence.

personal pronouns in spanish

In this post we will show them to you:

YoIYo soy estudiante.I am a student.
You (informal/singular)tienes una pluma.You have a pen.
UstedYou (formal/singular)Usted es mi amigo.You are my friend.
EllaSheElla es alta.She is tall.
ÉlHeÉl corre rápidoHe runs fast.
UstedesYou (plural form)Ustedes hablan mucho.You talk too much.
Nosotros WeNosotros jugamos ajedrez.We play chess.
EllosThey (male and female)Ellos leen en la biblioteca.They read in the library.
EllasThey (female only)Ellas trabajan cerca.They work nearby.

Sometimes in Spanish when the subject of a sentence is obvious it is not necessary to add the subject pronoun and we can just go straight to the verb conjugation.

Remember there are other types of Pronouns, for example object pronouns, reflexive pronouns and possessive pronouns to mention a few examples.

Video about Personal Pronouns in Spanish

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