Greetings in Spanish

Hola! I bet that’s the only one you know when it comes down to Greetings in Spanish we have a whole bunch of expressions you can use. In this post we’ll show you How to Greet in Spanish, here we go:

Buenos díasGood morning
Buenas tardesGood afternoon/
Good evening
Buenas nochesGood evening /
Good night
Qué ondaWhat’s up!
Qué talHow’s it going?
greetings in spanish

There are differences in the usage of greetings based on formality. For examples, “Buenos días”, “Buenas tardes” and “Buenas noches” are considered formal. If you want to sound a little bit less informal you can just say “buenas” instead of buenas tardes or buenas noches. But you cannot do this with “buenos días”.

Hola and Adiós are pretty neutral, that means you can use them in both formal and informal contexts.

On the other hand, if you want to use those greetings in an informal or casual setting you can use “qué onda” or “qué tal”.

Video About Greetings in Spanish

Check out this video we made for you to practice the pronunciation of these greetings. Also make sure to subscribe to Our YouTube Channel. We highly recommend you watch it as many times as necessary to pick up the natural intonation. It is also important that you say them out loud so that you can hear yourself and modify any mistakes.

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