School Objects in Spanish

Let’s learn the names of a few School Objects in Spanish. Plus, you will find a couple of videos that we have made for you in order to practice the pronunciation of this vocabulary.

We all know that those first Spanish lessons at school are not an easy thing, that is why we have prepared this post for you, so that you can have the basic vocabulary of the things you might find around in class.

School Objects in Spanish

School Objects and Supplies in Spanish List

Here you will find some of the most common objects that are used in a school setting. We have included the plural form for some of the nouns as well as the corresponding definite article.

el borradoreraser
los borradores (plural)erasers
la carpetabinder
las carpetas (plural)binders
el casillerolocker
los casilleros (plural)lockers
el corrector líquidowhiteout
el crayóncrayon
los crayones (plural)crayons
el cuadernonotebook
los cuadernos (plural)notebooks
el cuaderno a rayasruled notebook
el cuaderno cuadriculadograph notebook
el escritoriodesk
los escritorios (plural)desks
las hojas de papel (plural)paper sheets
el lápizpencil
los lápices (plural)pencils
el librobook
los libros (plural)books
la memoria USBUSB drive
las memorias USB (plural)USB drives
la mochilabackpack
las mochilas (plural)backpacks
el pegamentoglue
el pizarrónwhiteboard
los pizarrones (plural)whiteboards
la plumapen
las plumas (plural)pens
el marcadormarker
los marcadores (plural)markers
la reglaruler
las reglas (plural)rulers
el sujetador clip
los sujetadores (plural)clips
las tijerasscissors

Video about School Objects in Spanish

Now watch this video and repeat each name aloud so that you can hear yourself and correct any pronunciation mistakes.

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